Chip Wilson and Hold It All

In the late 70s, it is unlikely that many people thought that a humble snowboarding retailer would be able to grow his business to the point where he was worth billions.  In fact, one might wonder whether or not Chip Wilson himself ever believed that he would end up being as successful as he is, but considering his story, it is likely that he always believed that he would be a success.  He has not only grown those humble beginnings into something that is huge, but he is currently inspiring others to do the same through his investment firm, Hold It All.  He has created a system of leadership that is second to none in the business world, and that is likely the primary reason why he has been successful himself, and why everyone he has worked with has seemed to find similar success.  This is a great example of what innovative minds who are willing to lead can do when they work as hard and as smart as they can.

    After researching Chip and his past companies and investments, it became an easy thing for me to decide to invest in his companies.  Because of the successful system of leadership that he has developed, it is unlikely that anything he has a hand in will do anything but succeed.  That is why I decided to invest in his companies when I was looking to invest for my own future.  His companies are always successful, and so I know that my money is in good hands when it is invested in his companies.

Chip Wilson

    If you are looking to invest in companies that have very strong futures, then you definitely can’t go wrong by investing in the companies of Hold It All, as there is more success to come.