Options for a Home Security Systems Comparison

Nowadays, through the use of sensors and cameras we can have a versatile and complete surveillance system to monitor our home. Many of these systems are quite affordable, so here we bring you a brief home security systems comparison so that when making the decision on which system to choose, you are absolutely sure of what you are acquiring:

• Alcatel Phone Alert

It’s a kit consisting of several sensors that monitor our home. We have a smoke detector, motion detector, flood and door or window opening detector as well.

Thanks to all this set of accessories we can control different aspects that will protect the house from problems as common as the breakage of some pipe, possible fire or, of course, unauthorized intrusion.

The moment a problem is detected we will be sent an aside to the telephone that we have configured and it will sound a strong alarm that would serve to try to dissuade or to avoid intrusion.

home security systems comparison

• Piper Classic

It offers a surveillance camera with motion sensor and noise detection. It incorporates a control center for Z-Wave devices, which is a next-generation wireless ecosystem that allows all home electronics to communicate with each other. The future is now.

Thanks to this, in addition to having the option to sound the alarm when it detects movement or noise, we can integrate sensors for monitoring the opening of doors.

• MyFox Home Alarm

It is a set formed by a central base plus a chamber that can operate both separately and jointly. In one way or another both seek to improve the safety of the home.

• Canary

It’s very similar to the Piper system. It integrates a camera with wide viewing angle, a microphone and speaker, alarm siren, motion detector as well as temperature, humidity and air quality sensors.